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Sonia McChristie - Technical Support

Case study


When did you first start at ReportOUT?

8th June 2019

Current Role?

Technical Support

Please Describe Your Role at ReportOUT?

To provide technical support for all IT related issues for volunteers and staff of ReportOUT.

Describe yourself in three words

Diligent, Caring, Quiet

What is your background?

I have been involved with ReportOUT since inception as I believe in the work of the organisation and in Drew's ability to make it succeed.

What impact has your role had on the charity?

I have set up and maintained all of the office computer and IT equipment; set up various accounts on online systems; set up a Moodle (VLE) space for training volunteers and staff; set up podcast syndication.

What is one thing you aim to achieve for the charity this year?

Continue to roll out Moodle for staff / volunteer development.

List one personal achievement you want to accomplish as a result of being part of the charity.

I am here to help!

Have there been any notable moments in your life that have led you to working at and supporting the charity?


My involvement with human rights, especially LGBT+ rights, began over 20 years ago as a response to abuse I had received.

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