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Education and Training Officer
Role descriptor

Role: Education and Training Officer

Team or project it is part of: EducateOUT – Education and Training Team

Reporting to: Drew Dalton (Lead Trustee)


What does this role do?


Education and Training Officers volunteer with ReportOUT because they seek to make a difference to the world. As part of the EducateOUT team, we focus on two ways in which to achieve social change: 

  1. To educate and train the public about the human rights of sexual and gender minorities across the globe.

  2. To educate and train sexual and gender minorities from across the globe.

As our annual action plan says, the aim of the team is to:

“Bring a range of high-quality training and educational focused projects to engage with sexual and gender minorities, as well as the wider public, both in the U.K. and internationally. The aim of this team, and their projects, are to queer human rights and international development, and to shift the focus of human rights infringements against sexual and gender minorities to the wider public knowledge, through bringing the lived experiences of this group to the forefront.”

What types of activities will I be doing in this role?

Life in the EducateOUT team is a fun, varied and satisfying experience. Whether creating educational materials, delivering training, thinking of ways to engage the public in human rights, or elevating the voices of sexual and gender minorities across the globe, no two projects are ever the same!

These are the typical types of projects that we have either completed, started as a team, or have planned to start soon:

  • Completed: a series of ‘Hidden Voices’ podcasts with 20 different people, in 20 different countries, bringing their lived experiences to life as a sexual and gender minority.

  • Ongoing: setting up and supporting ReportOUT Societies in U.K. universities.

  • Ongoing: a series of YouTube videos called ‘ReportingIN’ which interviews different sexual and gender minorities, from different nation states across the globe.

  • Ongoing: our week-long OUTAcademy – an online academy which offers a week-long training course for sexual and gender minorities in how to put together a successful campaign for social change.

  • Ongoing: a board game which can be used for educational learning in community settings, to outline the issues faced by sexual and gender minorities across the world.

  • Planned: CPD training courses for organisations to learn more about queering human rights and international development.

  • Planned: a series of short online training courses for the public, which will discuss human rights declarations and how we can ‘queer’ human rights and international development.


Upon joining our team, you would support us in our projects. Do not worry if you do not necessarily have all of the complete knowledge or skills, as training can be offered.

“Doing the OUTAcademy training course for new campaigners was the most satisfying thing I have ever done - not only in ReportOUT, but over my whole career. Knowing that each of those people will go away and create social change in their own country, is an amazing feeling” (Feedback from Education and Training Officer)

“I have loved working with students in universities to set up ReportOUT societies. I can see that what I am doing is having a real-world impact” (Feedback from Education and Training Officer)

“For me, just being able to bring the voices of LGBTQ+ people to the front of the line, is the reason I love being at ReportOUT” (Feedback from Education and Training Officer)

What do I need for this role?

Alongside the general requirements set out for what ReportOUT needs from volunteers, this role will also require you to have specific skills and knowledge, such as:

  • A strong knowledge of human rights and an awareness of the main human rights conventions

  • An awareness of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Confidence to reach out and speak to people from all over the world

  • An ability to deliver training confidently and professionally to members of the public

  • The ability to make high-quality educational materials

  • Creatively minded in how to engage with the public via the mediums that ReportOUT use

  • Ability to use online software, or to be a quick learner, in using Canva to create materials

It would be helpful (but not necessary) if you:

  • Are a teacher or qualified trainer, or formal training features heavily as part of your current or previous job or volunteering

  • Have experience of delivering campaigns

  • Have experience of developing a MOOC

  • Can use Moodle as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

  • Have made educational materials in a previous role

  • Can speak other languages

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