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Media and Communications Officer
Role descriptor

Role: Media and Communications Officer

Team or project it is part of: Media, Communications and Events Team

Reporting to: Kotryna Kairyte (Lead Trustee)


What does this role do?


Media and Communication Officers volunteer with ReportOUT because they seek to make a difference to the world and use their skills to promote ReportOUT and its mission globally. As part of the Media, Communication and Events team, we:

  • Use a mix of digital and traditional media to promote ReportOUT projects and to increase engagement with our content and projects

  • Create engaging content that represents complex global queer issues and draws on highly emotional stories to affect the political and social change ReportOUT seeks to do

  • Cover all aspects of ReportOUT external relations activities

As our annual action plan says, the aim of the team is to:

“To improve the brand awareness and reach of ReportOUT messages and projects globally as well as to promote our content, research and projects through a mix of traditional and digital media. To engage with a wide audience digitally and in-person to spread the word about queer human rights and international development, and to shift the focus of human rights infringements against sexual and gender minorities to the wider public knowledge. To raise funding for ReportOUT activity through fundraising events, crowdfunding, regular donations and sponsorships.”

What types of activities will I be doing in this role?

The Media and Communications Team is one of the busiest teams at ReportOUT, as we promote and respond to a range of projects and demands across the organisation as well as keeping on top of global queer news and politics.

We lead on our own area of expertise through social media, blogs, newsletters, and more, and we come together as a team through large communication campaigns and projects.

In all we do, we strive for creativity!

These are the typical tasks that we take on as a team:

  • ReportOUT website content, landing page creation and management

  • Social media content creation, management of ReportOUT social media channels and engaging with global queer news and politics

  • Writing blogs on global and local queer issues and holding interviews with queer activists

  • Creating video content internally and with external partners

  • Writing press releases and comments for local and national media, and participating in interviews and TV and radio segments on relevant issues

  • Creating newsletters and email communication campaigns


Upon joining our team, you would support us in our projects and ongoing communications tasks. Do not worry if you do not necessarily have all of the complete knowledge or skills, as training can be offered.

“Comms has this really dynamic and buzzy atmosphere - most days we send messages on Teams bouncing ideas off one another, or sharing content for socials. It's a really united team! I've taken on more responsibility within the team than I thought I would, but I've been supported and guided throughout by Kotryna (our Comms trustee), and Drew (our founder). I've had the opportunity to produce marketing content for our recent global Flag in the Map project, which was immensely rewarding, and yet surreal at the same time! 10/10 the best team I've ever worked with!” (Feedback from Media and Communications Officer)

“Working for the media and comms team for the past year has been fantastic. The role is varied and tasks change from day to day. I mainly work on social media but I have had the opportunity to work on video projects, events promotions, voiceovers, and more! I am surrounded by a very supportive team and I feel that my ideas are always heard within the organisation” (Feedback from Media and Communications Officer)

I have been part of the Media and Communications team since the beginning, and I have loved every single minute. Not only is it a fun team to be apart of, but it also gives you the opportunity to look of the charity at a deeper level as we move collectively together to highlight the important issues effecting sexual and gender minorities across the globe. The most rewarding thing for me as a volunteer is knowing how through blogs and interviews, we create a safe space for the voices of sexual and gender minorities to be empowered in the moments that they need it the most.” (Feedback from Media and Communications Officer)

What do I need for this role?

Alongside the general requirements set out for what ReportOUT needs from volunteers, this role will also require you to have specific skills and knowledge, such as:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Confident understanding of digital marketing tools, such as social media, website and blogs

  • Good digital skills across a range of platforms and systems

  • Creatively minded and a natural content creator

  • Response to world events involving sexual and gender minorities

  • A good knowledge of human rights and of the issues faced by sexual and gender minorities

  • Ability to use online software, or to be a quick learner, in using Wix, Canva and other platforms

It would be helpful (but not necessary) if you:

  • Have relevant training or a qualification related to media and communications

  • Have previous experience working in a media and communications role, either professionally, as a student or as a volunteer

  • Have previous experience or interest in marketing, paid advertising and search optimisation

  • Have previous experience or interest in video content creation and print design

  • Have previous experience dealing with media and press enquiries and/or writing press releases

  • Have previous experience in using Wix, Wordpress, Later, Hootsuite, Mailchimp and/or other online marketing and web design platforms

  • Can speak other languages

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