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Our Funders and Finances

At ReportOUT, we value honesty and transparency and so we show our financial information below. Each donation that we receive goes a long way as we are predominantly volunteer-led, work mainly online and do not have huge overheads. This means that donations go directly to our work to report, inform, and defend, the human rights of sexual and gender minorities across the globe. 

The time period of finances you see below is from December 2022 to December 2023.

How we are funded:

ReportOUT Income.png

How we use our money:

ReportOUT Expenditure.png

Our current and previous funders:

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Our current and previous sponsors:

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As we are a registered charity in England and Wales, we must legally conduct an annual report audit of our finances which we submit to the U.K. Charity Commission. You are welcome to view them, here. These finances cover our financial year from April to March each year, and so will look different to what you see above.

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