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ReportOUT's Global Visits

ReportOUT's Global Visits

Each year, ReportOUT team up in partnership with SOGI organisations in a different nation state for a global visit. In addition to our usual nation state research and monitoring reports that our team compile, we also compile an additional special project. This means that we work in partnership with SOGI organisations in a slightly different way to share our skills with them and to learn from them on the ground.


ReportOUT work in partnership with SOGI organisations in the partner nation state to compile an in-depth research report to document the lived experiences of SOGI people in that nation. We offer workshops on data collection, research methods and evaluation skills so partner organisations have the skills to manage projects themselves, with our training support.


We hope that by doing this, SOGI organisations can show the rest of the world and its regulatory bodies, what is happening there, as well as show evidence of their need to gain funding and to secure their organisation against hostile social forces. International development methods and sustainability are grounded to our work and we work in partnership with SOGI organisations, rather than a 'top down' approach.

In 2019-2020 Uganda is our nation state because of the human rights abuses currently happening there. You can read more about our special project, and how we are working together, by clicking on this link.

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