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Volunteer Case Studies

Donna McKay

Fundraising and Events Officer

"I am extremely passionate about social injustice and how global issues affect groups and individuals. I am vehemently incensed by the acts of both Female Genital Mutilation and corrective rape of SOGIESC individuals. Volunteering at ReportOUT enables me to expand my knowledge and understanding of such human rights violations, whilst fighting for the fundamental rights for all.

My volunteer experience is enhanced by having our office based within the Pride Media Centre in Gateshead. The UK’s first LGBT+ Business and Media Centre is the ideal base to meet like-minded people. The people I have encountered there are fantastic, from the staff who always make me feel so welcome; the other tenants in the building who are inquisitive about what we do for the SOGIESC community and to visitors who often call into the office when they are passing by. It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm and support we receive from everyone we meet in the media centre. 

I particularly enjoy the fundraising role I play within the office. The first event we held recently was a great success, and as a team we will build on the momentum of this to promote ReportOUT. I am excited to arrange many more fundraising events which will enable us to continually strive to educate, inform and campaign for the rights of SOGIESC individuals. 

From day one, the team have welcomed all the volunteers into the ReportOUT family with open arms. To be treated as an equal within the organisation; to have input into any decisions made and the trust that the team places on us as volunteers is a huge honour. The pursuit of literature necessary to report the lived experiences of SOGIESC people can be emotional and challenging, but the support we receive from both the Trustees and other volunteers is incredible.


The relationship between us all has been cemented by laughter, honesty and a mutual respect for ReportOUT’s mission. Knowing that our research is used to make a difference is a privilege; to play just a small part in what is fast becoming an enormously well-respected organisation and the growing number of well-respected Patrons and global charity partners working with us is testament to this. With their help promoting and introducing us to a wider audience ReportOUT is and will continue to be a fantastic organisation to be associated with."

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