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Lauren Dolby - Campaigner

Case study


When did you first start at ReportOUT?


1st July, 2020

Current Role?


Please Describe Your Role at ReportOUT?

Creatively liaising with organisation's and SOGIESC activists connecting to the community raising awareness of overlooked research and human rights violations collaboration growing our outreach amplifying voices of marginalised SOGIESC shouting about human rights violations and making a difference gaining support from like minded people and fronting our enemies.

Describe yourself in three words

Open-minded, trying, smiley

What is your background?

I love people-centered and people- facing roles where I can connect with others everyday, learn from their experiences and act as a helping hand for people who are in times of difficulty. Acting as a helping hand, being supportive and person-centered rather than volunteer led- these people are the experts of their own experience!

My other roles outside of ReportOUT include:

  • Voluntary internship with Equal Asia Foundation (LGBTI+ charity).

  • Volunteered with homeless communities through night shelter and refugees with Care4Calais.

  •  I am also Currently a homeless support worker.

What Impact has your role had on the charity?

I want to grow the following and support of ReportOUT while we tackle human rights campaigning and research from a new perspective. I want us to be the most inclusive and intersectionally conscious and fearless SOGIESC organisation there is (whilst also being the genuine loving family that we are).

What is one thing you aim to achieve for the charity this year?

Get a campaign of ours spoken about in the media or by a bigger LGBTI+ organisation!

List one personal achievement you want to accomplish as a result of being part of the charity.

Being confident in making bold decisions and executing them well.

Have there been any notable moments in your life that have led you to working at and supporting the charity?

Interning for Equal Asia Foundation - how I met Drew and made me realise how much I enjoyed LGBTQI+ research.

What is your personal view about global Sexual And/Or Gender Minority issues?

That it is predominantly spoken about in the West as though it is not an issue here. The West often ignores the history, culture that is related to SOGIESC acceptance or discrimination elsewhere. It is so important that Britain etc. knows the part they had to play in homophobic laws during colonial rule.

What is the best advice you would give to a young LGBTQI+ young person?

You do not need to fit anyone's standards of what it means to be 'human' 'LGBTI+' or 'queer'. you do not need to have a label and box into an identity, all that matters is your happiness and if you feel queer you are queer.

What other hobbies and interests do you have?

  • Refugee LGBTI+ rights

  • Intersectionality within different communities

  • Creating a never ending list of books and podcasts

  • Queer modern pop music and neo-soul, uk hip hop

  • Going to gigs (during normal times)

  • Vegan food, Baking and cooking

  • Yoga

  • Acting (badly)

Who inspires you and why?

My creative friends, my hardworking and driven friends who are still so kind hearted and always have time for people. My parents and sister who are such genuine caring people and are open to learn and listen always.

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