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Empty Shoes Campaign

This year’s theme for IDAHOTB (2020) was ‘breaking the silence’ and we developed our 'Empty Shoes Campaign' for IDAHOTB to raise awareness of what is happening to SOGIESC people across the globe in terms of harm, discrimination and violence.


Since IDAHOTB day in 2019, we have selected eight names from a long list of SOGIESC activists who have been murdered in the past year because of who they are and what they fought for.


We remember these SOGIESC activists as empty shoes taken beside a candle to represent their lives. By doing this, we highlight the names of those who can no longer speak. Sadly, the list of people was long and we could not hope to represent everyone. This is only a fraction of people that we could show. However, it continues to remind us all that we all still have far to go to achieve our goals, but this is not impossible if we work together.


Our Chair of ReportOUT, Drew Dalton, said about this campaign:


"This discrimination and violence is not something that only affects SOGIESC people, as somewhere down the line, these were other people’s children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, lovers, carers, and more – but now all that stands of them are empty shoes" 


SOGIESC discrimination and violence affects us all and so we should all work together to stop it. Our Empty Shoes Campaign is a stark reminder of the lived reality for many people around the globe. Many of these names you may not have heard of, but they need to be told. Let’s break the silence together. Support ReportOUT by signing up to our newsletter and get involved.

You can read more about the Empty Shoes Campaign on our news blog

Please note that we have tried to represent names and information as accurately as possible with the information we have to hand.

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