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Ride for Rights 

Nothing to do in your hour of exercise? Why not 'Ride for Rights'? It's a fun and easy way to do something for charity and to raise awareness of human rights!

Could you ride for rights for 1 hour?


We want to call out the injustices faced by minority SOGIESC (LGBTQ+) people all over the world who face imprisonment, harm and even the death penalty. Over 70 countries imprison people and up to 11 countries have the death penalty on their books for people simply loving someone of the same sex. We think that this has to stop. Want to help us?


All you need to do is to complete the following three steps:

1) A donation of £10 or £20 to ReportOUT through following this link: DONATE


2) Then either grab a bike, push a stroller/pushchair, motorbike, ride an exercise bike or use anything else you can ride. Not got these? Fine! This could even be playing a driving computer game, driving a remote control car or even riding on the back of a broomstick in your yard! Some people have chosen to walk. Feel free to be creative! 


You need to ride this for one hour and take a picture of you with our downloadable poster (if you do not have a printer, that's fine, you can type #RideForRights and #ReportOUT over your photograph).

3) Then nominate a further 3 people on social media using our cut and paste paragraph below who would be willing to ride for rights as well! 


To make it easy for you, we have provided a cut and paste paragraph and our downloadable poster below!

Over 70 countries criminalise SOGIESC people. This has to stop! I did the ride for rights. I now nominate 3 people to do the same [add in nominated people here]

#RideForRights #ReportOUT

One of our volunteers Dan, tells you a little more about it. Watch the video below. We will also be adding selfies as they start to appear! 

Important notes: 

Please bear in mind your own government restrictions within your nation state during Coronavirus lockdown and observe your nation state's advice on social distancing and time allowed outside.


We reserve the right to feature the best photographs on our social media, unless you choose to opt out. If so please write #OUT after your #RideForRights #ReportOUT hashtags.

Please ensure that you have a suitable level of fitness before you undertake this challenge. Do something that is suitable for you and which will not require you to put yourself in a harmful situation.

Do not risk your personal safety by displaying a selfie with the poster if this could have harmful effects on you. 

ReportOUT will not be responsible for any harm or injury caused by you doing this activity.

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